Kayaks have been part of the archipelago for almost 100 years!

Jöns used to move seakayaks by towing to pickup locationsI (Jöns Aschan) started with kayak renting and guided tours as a trial summer 2004. I continue the operation with the name Paddlingsfabriken or "Paddlefactory". Paddles are core and factory since our equipment and services are combined to services for you and your personal experience. Tens of years of experience, archipelago and kayaking becomes our product. You should consider at least part of your Finland visit to be a tour in the Ekenäs archipelago toghether with us.

Kayaksafaries from Ekenäs to Ingå and back

1987 and 1988 I was employed to take 5 safary's from Ekenäs to Ingå. We had comfortable indoor accommodation. Some of the participants were "accredited" city people with absolutely no previous kayaking experience. Some turned out to start working with canoeing and still do so. I continued to pursue my intrest in for the glories of competion kayaking. Now I am back (year 2004) and you can join me or one of my assistants and similar tours in the beaty of the archipelago. Call us and make express your wish. Please be prepared that we need some leadtime. We may be on tour or motorboating to deliver kayaks. Leave a message and we will be back soonest.

Scenery and archipelago life

Sky, sea and rocks dominate spring summer and autumn. Inland ice tenthousand years back has shaped the rocks. Vikings, governaces from the west and east, trading and shipping has left its marks as carvings telling bount rough seas and sunny holiday trips. Constructions for warfare and communication exist, and remnants of older versions can be found. Stories live on among those few who have been told by their parents, or who have experienced and red. When paddling in the southern archipelago honed rocks are prevailingFisherman and smallscale farming was dominating. Today from midsummer until schools start its busy. The rest of the time you find outback and quietness. Almost spooky.

A rare quietness to listen to mixed with sounds of seagulls, ejders, eagles osprey and ducks. Experience this safely together with a guide from Paddlingsfabriken.

Kayak for travel

in the 1930's only a few chosen could afford motorboating. Rowing and sailing was the natural means of travel. Shared boats placed strategically helped. By landing on the south side of the Gullö island walking the 4-5 kilometers to the north side and rowing an additional 500 meters 4 hours could be saved out of the shopping trip. The alternative was to row extras tens of kilometers around the island. Youth in the archieplago had differet needs and were innovative. They started buidling faster boats, kayaks, to make quick visits from island to island, or to town. A good kayaker was faster then a motorboater. Many started competition kayaking and could that way visit new places when going for a competition. Kayaks and paddlers were loaded on lorries, or on the train.

When visiting the fishermans home Rödjan south of Älgö you may recognise a kayak that hangs under the roof of the fishing shed. With that kayak Thorvald Strömberg -living then at Rödjan- won his first world championship year 1950. A fast combination. 10 kilometers in 47 minutes.

Landing - going ashore

The Ekenäs archipelago has more densly built areas that come alive for the summer.  Especially then but also other times you should avoid landing on private jettys and shores. Ask for permission first. The low of common access can be difficult to benefit from today since the best shores are "inhabited". The paddling chart that we lend to paddlers contain advice and marked places for comfortable landing and camping.  Cities and associations do have some additional spaces that may be available too.  You could rent a cottage and visit visitor boat harbours, or go to the national park administered by the Ministry of forestry. Please remember not to leave marks of your stay so that people coming after you have a nice stay. Before you set to sea take a last look for litter to take back home with you. 

Guided tours and kayaking

Guided tours can be custom made according to your wishes, or readymade packages. Our capacity is geared towards 10 participants, a groupsize appropriate for a basic tour with one experienced leader. Planned itinerary, weather, activity content and participant experience will affect where the maximum and optimal goup size is set. Tours could take a couple of hours and extend into several days. Bookings early on in the summer may give chances for luxury living on an island. Later bookings and you probably sleep in a tent. Meals can usually be organised with a lead of a couple of days. Alternatively the kayak can be readypacked and food prepared with outdoor stoves, or as a sandwitch picknick on a skerry.

Welcome to Finland!