I wanted a kayak that would be faster than Nordkapp, more tracking and good manouverability. It should also cut the top of big waves rather than climb bow up to the highest top.


The hatches are closed by neopren covers with stiff wood-epoxy-fiberglass covers on top. The keel has been stretched for maximum hull speed. With a norrow bow waves are cut early on which this boat transit waves without loss of speed.

We had excellent conditions for premiere tests in calm and windy conditions on Friday April 31st and 1st of May. True rough open sea conditions have not been tested yet, but so far all the expected properties and features have been validated. Additional bonus benefits are great secondary stability and sensitivity for surf even with small 40 cm waves.

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{jcomments on}Acceleration is excellent. A small setback ( correction possible with some sanding ) is the sligt assymmetry in the last 50 cm of the stern that causes the kayak to pull left at top speeds. In a normal travelspeed the assymmetry is neglectable. Steering by edging is perfect and wather cocking is easily counteracted by edging or a lean. A rudder of skeg would fully eliminate the tendency of the "Blade" to turn up into wind. The plain kayak tracks closely to the capability of Nordkapp with the skeg in action. 

This kayak commits to a 45 degree turn using Duffek (bow rudder with the paddle) steering manouvers. Turning in wind and waves happens easily and is greatly assisted by having the boat bow slightly lifted on a wavetop. The wave causes the wetted hull length to be shortend by almost a meter. Directional stability is still good. 

The neopren hatchcovers seem to work to design. We have not seen any water behind the bulkheads. We will put them under more stress in the weeks to come and we would expect some necessary adjustments either to the hatchcovers or the hatchlips securing the covers. We expect to make dry hatchcovers even for a couple of hours of openwater stormy paddling.

We think that an average paddler will do 6-7 km/h or 1-2 km/h faster than with well known sea kayaks like Romany and Nordkapp. That is fast for this kind of kayak, but with some loss of manouverability. The weight is approximately 20 kilo.


The backdeck is low. The muscles at the back do lift the kayak onto easyly attainable surf already with minor waves. 


Edging is easy and lifts nicely the the rounded sides above the water level.


You can easily edge for water up on the spraydeck. Balance is maintained. By lifting the keel line at the bow of the stern manouverability can easily be increased. And that can be done without a re-build.

The kayak is named "Blade" and is the fourth in order from my drawing board. I might make some changes to the final details only to experiment and decrease the number of hours required to strip-build this boat.

Best regards, Jöns Aschan