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Course and assessment outlines from different bodies can be found here. They have similarities. They also target different environments, levels and coaching steps. Our thoughts will appear in descriptions on how certain techniques should be performed. The advantage of a skilled coach is that he/she can introduce you to skills and knowledge that you did not realise that existed and can expand the knowledge you already have.

The quick way to build rolling confidence is to quickly do your first roll and then start on lots of variations. Jöns does about 10 different variations of rolling himself and usually gives individual instruction to beginners in a straightforward fashion, where you will suddenly get appaloude for success, without even realizing you did it on your own. You will have an instructors full attention and support by your side during the intensive trainging. The individual session will last for 30 minutes, and then you will move to observe or excercise on your own, until we are all done and do some summing up - perhaps with additional moves on the water.  If you already have some success then you will get advice and examples on how to improve your rolling. Sharing experiences is one of the routes to get more confident as a roller.   Of course nobody can guarantee that you succeed, and the reasons will be identified and worked on.

Greenland style rolling examples (video clips)

One of our course offerings:
With this course we strive to build a foundation on top of which later teachings can be added. Focus is on maintaining balance, ergonomic and efficient paddling technique with the whole body working - and resting - interchangeably during strokes. We strive for a relaxed paddling technique which at the same time effectively drives the kayak forward even in head winds. For safety - balance technique, paddle bracing against the water, controlled change of direction also in tight sports is of value to assist companions in trouble and to reach landing sports and jetties also when winds affect the kayak. Eskimo rolling is usually excluded from this course since most people need more time in the kayak before they benefit from roll training which as starter level is done as individual coaching.  We do however get acquainted with capsizing and assisted re-entry on deep water.  The time on land and afloat is packed with lecturing and exercises split on two days so not to pack too much on one day. It is still a lot and not all we would like to share.
A good succession would be to participate in a tour with same level kayakers. That will give you time to practice, study and think about the effectiveness of the techniques, while further coaching is available in a more relaxed pace.
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Our one day paddleclasses are packed with information and exercises. You save 2 hours by participating in 5 hour classes in comparison to 3 day evening-classes of total 6-7 hours instructortime, ie 9 hours course time. Preparing kayaks and equipment before and finnishing up takes an hour for each night. 

Surfing with a kayak gives an understanding of how and why it is good to excel on the techniques introduced throughout flat water and classroom teaching sessions. Besides being lots of fun there is a lot of surf specific knowledge to be gained. Become a safer paddler by surf training.

Choosing the right clothing is a way to stay comfortable both on the water and on the shore during breaks. For safety not only floatation and bailing equipment is helpful. A good dinner and nights sleep is the foundation for the following day adventures, affecting also how the paddler interacts with others.

Jöns Aschan does a balance brace in his Fragrance low volume kayak and a greenland style paddle (GP).

Greenland style paddles and low volume kayaks gives some benefits in training rolling techniques. The paddle can be built to have more boyancy than the euro paddle. The boyancy is equal to the weight of the water displaced by the volume of the paddle, less the weight of the paddle. If it displaces 5 litres of water and the paddle weights 1kg, then the lift would be equal to 4kg or 40Newton.

The low volume of the Fragrance kayak with the small and relatively round cockpit has some advantages. The round shape of the cockpit rim gives a tighter fit of the spraydeck and less of water leak while rolling. Water is still likely to leak in along your waist, wrists and neck - unless you wear a tuilik. The low volume implicates a low front and backdeck giving more free space to move in while rolling using a variation of techniques.

The maximum of body volume that is outside of the kayak inner rim is kept in the water, while the maximum of body weight is kept away and on the offside of the inner rim. Flexibility and good kontact with the seat, kneebraces ("Masik" in Skin on Frame kayaks) and footrests is important.

Balance Brace

Too tired arms to keep on paddling?

Too tired to follow, and awkward feelign in your arms and wrists, the others are happily paddling away or your kayak is turning in all other directions? Perhaps you'd like to become a successful competition kayaker or only do it for the joy. Don't let the small aches destroy it for you, but go and ask someone else analyse your forward paddling and fix it in small steps.


Your quickest entry to kayaking skills is to attend our five hour beginners course. Attend one of the sheduled courses and if you cannot match one of the available we try to organise one suitable for you. For groups larger than 4 people we can organise a bespoke class.  

The structure and emphasis in the course contents will vary to meet the skills and needs of the clients while the goal is to cover and develop skills and understanding needed for a 1 Star certificate. This course is also the basis for continuing towards 2 and 3 star asessments.