3D printed fairleads, or deckline fasteners (pat.pend)
Sintered fairline attachment
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Kayaks are recommended to have decklines, and on seakayaks they are next to mandatory. These fixtures make it easy to add decklines to kayaks without creating bulk on the deck or underneath.

They are threaded and screwed together to clamp thu and around a hole of a standard 30mm hole and deck thickness of 4-4.5 mm. Allows for 3 x 6mm bungees. Alternative dimensions and materials are possible.

The dimension of the cup matches use of 35, 37 or 38mm holesaws with which a hole is drilled.

- 35mm : The cup alone matches the hole. Glue such as epoxy is recommended on the hole edges, and the inner-flange to allow pulling forces away from the deck.

- 37mm : Laminate edges with thin fiberglass fabric and saturate with epoxy. Apply the cup with inner flange.

- 38mm : The outer flange will match the hole. Apply sealant such as silcone on the threads, screw the parts together so they clamp the deck and block the hole

Current materials: PLA, ABS, PC, ASA and PA as sintered.

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