Byxholmen south side, FinlandTrelänningen is part of the Tammisaari archipelago national park

This national park is not accessible by car but can be reached by kayak. We will paddle through the inner archipelago and make our way to the rugged islets of the outer archipelago.

We will paddle as far out in the archipelago as the weather conditions allow. We will also try to reach Jussarö island with its compelling history as a former mine and subsequent restricted military area. The island has only been open to the general public since the beginning of 2005. Today Jussarö offers an instructive nature trail which is an essential experience.

We will spend the night in tents and prepare our food with stoves. This trip is suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers.

Saturday: We will meet in Skåldö at 11am or at Gullö at 10am where we will load the kayaks and paddle out into the archipelagic labyrinth of islands. If the weather permits our destination will be Jussarö where we will spend the night. If the winds are too strong, we will stay in the inner archipelago and camp on Modermagan island or possibly a nearby island with a cottacge for the night.
Sunday: Starting from our camp we will explore the surrounding archipelago. We will return to Skåldö at 4 p.m. at the latest.

About the kayaking
We will paddle approximately 5-6 hours per day with many breaks. We will be using single kayaks with or without rudders. Please notify us which type of kayak you wish to use. The tour will be led by a qualified paddling instructor. This will ensure a safe and informative tour.

The price of the tour
will depend on the specific tour shedule you choose from our calendar, and the options you choose. Inclusions may be:
- Meals
- Accommodation (tent or cottage)
- Kayak, paddle, spraydeck
- Transports
- Maps
- Guide