Mini ice-bergs are drifting multiple times in a winter. Hangossa jäiden lähtöja voi ihailla useammin talven aikana.


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The Finnish archipelago, and even more the Ekenäs archipelago is full of world unique features. A dense number of islets, with trees and forest, and also clean-washed rock gardens. True access to all of this is only possible by kayak, and cannot be imagined before seeing it. During one day we are able to enjoy a selection of varying scenery, and be lead by Jöns Aschan to places that only people grown up in the archipelago know where to find.

The Ekenäs archipelago with islets and wildlife can best be experienced by kayak. The area can be sectioned into inner-, middle-, and outer arhipelago. Then follows the open sea named Gulf of Finland and the Baltic sea. The straight birds route over a wast number of islands from Ekenäs center to the open sea is approximately 15 kilometers. The shortest paddle between the outer edges of the archipelago and the closest access by car is 8 km one way.

A daytour may be organised in different ways:
- Starting from or nearby the shores of Ekenäs city center
- Starting from the shores of Paddlingsfabriken on the Gullö island
- Starting from Skärlandet (Sommarö) shores closest to the outer archipelago

The first option of a one day tour is likely to reach parts of the inner archipelago, the second parts of the middle archipelago and the third the Ekenäs national Park and parts of the outer archipelago.  As a daytour we would reserve approximately 8 hours for the tour, and that would give us time to comfortably experience parts of the area, such as a paddle of 18 km around the Älgö island or a similar distance with a visit to the Jussarö island - at the same time seeing parts of the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. A guarantee to reach the Jussarö island can not be given. A more experienced and skilled group could reach further, and even visit some lighthouse or beacon islands on an extended day.

On most day tours you would need to either book meals or bring your own meals and drinking water. Most equipment can be included to the tour package.