Winterkayaking at sea with iceSnow, sheets of thin ice, crisp white snow, shades of black and white. Glimmering blue water against or gently falling snow settling on the kayak deck. The contrasts are huge and the richness of colours can be owerwhelming of sparse to the minimum. Blocks of ice may display tourqouise shine like giant jewellery.





In a small group you might well book and experience the tour of the unique winter paddling settings at sea. We are able to provide you with many alternatives most through the winter. Safe open water will be chosen, durable kayaks and equipment, proper dressing and preferably drysuits, knowledge of the ice and its movements combined with experience to keep the journeying safe and predictable.


Tosea2010Paddlingsfabriken can provide all that is needed for a winterpaddling tour. Both the equipment and the group leader. Paddlingsfabriken premises is a hundred meters from a cargo ship fairway kept open by icebreakers. That in combination with a sound of water currents keeps paddle water open most of the winter season. The currents are slow enough not to cause safety issues present on many rivers. The Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea seldom freezes completely. Winds break ice and keeps blocks of ice floating around - sometimes requiring paddling, at times requiring walking on ice or perhaps demanding a picknick on your private floating island.The shores of the Baltic is the setting for hours of photo shooting and visits to wintery islands.


From April forwards even overnight tours could be provided with camping in tents, or you could do the paddling first and then enjoy outdoor meals by the laavu-shelter with a logfire at Paddlingsfabriken.img 20121128 1939372013-02-01kayak2