If we cannot skate, then we can go for a paddle! Or the other way around. What would be a better way to cool an evil Christmas Pixie than to join the company of adventurous "Tomtenissar" for a paddle. This tour will be accompanied by a seasoned and sober Pixie (father Christmas is busy and cannot paddle anyway) who will make sure nobody in the company hurts himself or others and that they are able to continue with their evil Christmas duties. You do not have to bring your own equipment provided you properly fill in your wish list (booking form).  


As we know Christmas time is blistering white and it will also be calm open waters. What you need to do is to dress warm, and keep an eye on the weather. Leading Pixie from Paddlingsfabriken will be in contact with you shortly before the adventure with preparation instructions. If we cannot find open water nearby - we will look for it a bit further away. If the open sea is too far away from safe shorelines, then we will consider skating as an alternative. Kayaks will be replaced with skates and drysuits with appropriate skating gear.

If one of the scheduled events does not suit you, contact us and we may consider organizing a custom tour.

 Price (minimum 4, max 8 persons):

Participation: 20 euro/person
Kayak rent: 30 euro/3 hours
Drysuit rent: 20 euro/suit

Drysuits on warm layersLead pixie in paddling actionThe golden oppotunity

The altenative