Baggö Hamn, Baggövägen 1290

Paddlingsfabriken delivers to Baggö Harbour. Baggö Harbour was originally built to serve the mining works on Jussarö Island. Baggö Marina is a development since 2013 for creating boat and car parking. The Baggö Marina plans are for more service offerings. 

Bromarv Kyrkby

Fiskeboden, Sommarostranden 44

Sommarö strand and Fiskeboden. Fiskeboden started in the 1970's as a local shop for the needs of local people as well as the growth of summer inhabitants when development of Älgö Northern shores as well as other nearby islands picked up. Car parking space is usually available here. You drive from Ekenäs towards along Baggövägen (7km) and cross to Skåldö with the ferry. Then continue all the way to Sommaröstranden street.

Kasnäs, Finland

Located north west from Hanko and South from cities of Turku and Salo.

Linnunlaulu 8, Ekenäs, Raasepori

There is a nice beach available approximately 150 meters from the yard. Shops are available on a short walking distance from the beach. No delivery charges on this location.  Choose this location for Pickup/Drop Off if you want to choose your special location from the map.

Paddlingsfabriken, Passvägen 236, Gullo, Ekenäs, Raseborg

The main location för kayak rentals. This is where most tours and courses start. Parking and Camping is allowed for Paddlingsfabriken customers only. No delivery charges on this location.

Raseborgs slottsruiner, Raseborgs slottsväg, Snappertuna

The castle at this location was first constructed in the 1300's by Danish traders/pirates, later on inhabited by the Swedish court. It was forgotten for several hundred years until rediscovered during the early 1900's. A small river flows by towards the sea. Kayaks are best delivered to the small floating peer on the south side of the castle ruins. Meals are served at Slottsknektens stuga

Stallörsparken/Ekenäs naturum, Strandalleen 1, 10600 Ekenäs

Central place in Ekenäs and the boat Guest harbour. The nature visitor center across the street presents films, broschures and books about the archipelago as well as National Parks in Finland, including the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park.


Tullstranden is west of the city center, located on the south side of the Hanko peninsula between a white watchtower in the west and a harbour on the east. The beach has no adjacent buildings. From the beach southwards two lighthouses can be seen. Gustavsvärn and Russarö. Both lighthouses are located on islands south off the coast. The beach is frequently visited by kite surfers and occationally by kayakers going for surf with southernly winds.   Choose this location as pickup-dropoff for Hanko, and spec

Wåghusparken, Gamla stan i Ekenäs

Sandbeach by Södra hamnen north west edge. It is on the seaside of Old Town of Ekenäs.