A three hour presentation will present when and where ice will be strong enough to hold a person and how to probe ice for Nordic Skating on lakes and the sea. Skating on natural ice is a phenomenal nature experience. Because of the speed and potential weak ice the theory session prepares and builds understanding for what to expect and how to prepare for skating. You will get a basic understanding of how ice is formed, why some spots may differ from others, and how wind, snow and water currents may cause uneven ice formation, or almost secretly weaken the ice.  A trained person with experience will be able to almost unnoticed collect information and make correct judgements on route selections.

Skating in a group

Follow up I: Get outdoors and get Nordic Skates and equipment tried and adjusted for you (not included).

Follow up II: An introductory tour to get a feel for how far you can go (not included).

  Participation fee: 30 euro/person/session.