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Rolla kajaken 3 sessioner under samma säsong, varav du väljer det första datumet.
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We use a teaching process that suits most people. The first step is excercises for feeling safe in the water while being in the kayak. Second step is observing the water and the kayak. Third step is floating with the kayak. Fourth step is to get up into a sitting position from the floating position. Fifth is adding the paddle and rolling up.   The average person would do his/her first roll after a 30 minute one-on-one session which on average is the time people still learn, before being too exhausted.

With this purchase you have access to three training sessions in the same season. In addition we would do stretching that helps towards smooth rolling.  Flexibility helps. Once you master your first roll, learning alternative rolls for different situations is much easier and we will work on the alternatives by demonstrations. We cannot promise you a successful roll but we promise that it will be a very new experience. We target on body memory and feeling, rather than technicalities.

Rolling with a traditional paddle is different from rolling with a euro paddle. It is best to start with the paddle you are more used to.

Some rolls:
- Pawlata or extended paddle
- Sweep roll
- C-to-C roll
- Butterfly roll
- Storm roll
- Shotgun roll
- Reverse sweep roll

Your teacher would be Jöns Aschan


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